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a high-performance graphql server library that's fully specification compliant

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This crate uses #![forbid(unsafe_code)] to ensure everything is implemented in 100% safe Rust.

struct Query;

impl Query {
  fn howdy(&self) -> &'static str {

async fn main() {
    let schema = Schema::build(Query, EmptyMutation, EmptySubscription).finish();

    let app = Route::new()

    println!("GraphiQL: http://localhost:8000");


  • Fully supports async/await
  • Type safety
  • Rustfmt friendly (Procedural Macro)
  • Custom scalars
  • Minimal overhead
  • Easy integration (poem, actix_web, tide, warp, rocket ...)
  • Upload files (Multipart request)
  • Subscriptions (WebSocket transport)
  • Custom extensions
  • Error extensions
  • Limit query complexity/depth
  • Batch queries
  • Apollo Persisted Queries
  • Apollo Tracing extension
  • Apollo Federation(v2)

Note: Minimum supported Rust version: 1.59.0 or later


All examples are in the sub-repository, located in the examples directory.

git submodule update # update the examples repo
cd examples && cargo run --bin [name]


Integrations are what glue async-graphql with your web server, here are provided ones, or you can build your own!

Crate features

This crate offers the following features, all of which are not activated by default:

feature enables
apollo_tracing Enable the Apollo tracing extension.
apollo_persisted_queries Enable the Apollo persisted queries extension.
log Enable the logger extension.
tracing Enable the tracing extension.
opentelemetry Enable the OpenTelemetry extension.
unblock Support asynchronous reader for Upload
bson Integrate with the bson crate.
chrono Integrate with the chrono crate.
chrono-tz Integrate with the chrono-tz crate.
url Integrate with the url crate.
uuid Integrate with the uuid crate.
uuid08 Integrate with the uuid 0.8 crate.
string_number Enable the StringNumber.
dataloader Support DataLoader.
secrecy Integrate with the secrecy crate.
decimal Integrate with the rust_decimal crate.
bigdecimal Integrate with the bigdecimal crate.
cbor Support for serde_cbor.
smol_str Integrate with the smol_str crate.
hashbrown Integrate with the hashbrown crate.
time Integrate with the time crate.
tokio-sync Integrate with the tokio::sync::RwLock and tokio::sync::Mutex.
fast_chemail Integrate with the fast_chemail crate.


One of the tools used to monitor your graphql server in production is Apollo Studio. Apollo Studio is a cloud platform that helps you build, monitor, validate, and secure your organization's data graph. Add the extension crate async_graphql_apollo_studio_extension to make this avaliable.

Who's using async-graphql in production?

Community Showcase

  • rust-actix-graphql-sqlx-postgresql Using GraphQL with Rust and Apollo Federation
  • entity-rs A simplistic framework based on TAO, Facebook's distributed database for Social Graph.
  • vimwiki-server Provides graphql server to inspect and manipulate vimwiki files.
  • Diana Diana is a GraphQL system for Rust that's designed to work as simply as possible out of the box, without sacrificing configuration ability.
  • cindythink
  • sudograph

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