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This plugin is still under heavy development and is not stable. Proceed with caution.


This command allows you to create better and unrestricted macros.

Unlike normal macros, you can't assign them to hotbar buttons (yet?), but you can execute them using commands (and custom commands), run multiple at the same time, pause them, make them loop, use <wait.X> with fractional seconds, and, of course, make them as long as you please (the macro part of macro macros).

Lastly, you can also organise macros into folders (and nest folders) for easier access.


  • Add https://plugins.annaclemens.io/unofficial to your list of custom repositories.
  • Install via /xlplugins.


  • /mmacros - opens the main interface
  • /mmacro <uuid> - executes the macro with the given UUID
  • /mmcancel <all|uuid> - either cancels all currently-running macros or cancels the first instance of the macro represented by the given UUID

Special macro properties


Macro macros can loop by using the /loop command. Whenever this command is encountered in a macro, it will start the macro over from the beginning.


In the main interface, there is a list of currently-running macros. If you click on one and click "Pause" below, it will pause the macro. Clicking "Resume" after will resume it from where it left off.

Parallel macros

You can run more than one macro macro at the same time. This is an inherent feature and you don't have to do anything to enable it. Just run two or more macros, and they'll run in parallel.

Fractional <wait.#>

When using <wait.#> in a macro, you can use decimal points, like <wait.2.5>.

Known issues

  • There is no way good way to reorder macros.
  • There is no way to take a macro out of a folder (i.e. put it back at the root).