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Expanded Search Info

This plugin displays extracted information from several different websites when examining a character's search info.


Install the plugin via /xlplugins, then examine a character. If they have a supported provider listed below contained in their search info, Expanded Search Info will download and extract information, then display it in a window next to the Examine window.

Supported providers

Plain text URLs

Expanded Search Info can pull data from any plain text URL. If the URL leads to a page that has a Content-Type of text/plain, the plugin will display its content.


Either direct URLs to pastebin.com (pastebin.com/xxx or pastebin.com/raw/xxx) or a special identifier (pb:xxx) can be used for pastebin.com.


All carrd.co and crd.co URLs will be extracted.


If the character's search info contains c/, then the plugin will attempt to pull an F-List page corresponding to the character's name with apostrophes removed (e.g. Y'shtola turns into Yshtola).

Alternatively, an F-List URL can be provided in search info (f-list.net/c/xxx).


All refsheet.net and ref.st URLs will be extracted.